Let’s stay right where we fell
Here near that magic swell
There’s nothing else I want to do

I’ll keep very still
I’ll keep my distance well
I just want to watch you move

‘Cause they’re shining now
And they’re crashing down
Just like they’ve done forever

Even when you’re not there
It never stops i swear
Not for one second ever

A long time is what forever is

But here’s this gorgeous day
Just sand and salt and blues ok
Fear not but for the trembles

And waves like seraphim
To throw your hunger in
Cast out by the handful

And all i’d ask of you
Is just one kiss or two
And a whisper to remain

And when this part is through
For my body to
Be left out in the rain

A long time is what forever is

Ain’t you tired?
Ain’t you tired?

If winter comes on time
In her coat she’ll find
That note I wrote back then:

‘Sleep after every day
But never get to say
Goodnight to you again’

Bleeding and laughing
Naked to fall in the snow
Your favorite drinkin’ buddies
Oh brother oh brother oh

Your neighbors have all gone missing
Your timing is always off
Bless you and keep you
Oh brother oh brother oh

Please, I’ve waited
Please, I’ve waited
Please. I have waited

Back where you learned where to strip bare
It smells there like fire and dogs
Saved be the light that you leave on
Oh brother oh brother oh

The thing about gravity
It won’t ever let on
The gavel won’t knock yet
It’s just the falling and falling

It’s a wholly different day
Than what i woke in yesterday
Blink at the ceiling
And everything has changed

And there is nothing to offer
That won’t look meek in the morning light
I got nothing to offer
But words that just keep falling down all the time

Hey you’re a bullet
You’re a bullet now

Biven the blacktop
And a donkey to ride
There’s some that you’ll follow
And some you’ll bury in the night

And august is gleaming
And it’s easy to forget
That the record is leaning
To overwrought and underfed

Hey you’re a bullet
You’re a bullet now

‘I’m taken with purity,’
One time a mouth said to me
With the moon on her shoulders
And the water in her hair

And with all of your clothes
Lying there on the bank
And all of your troubles
Brought to the water softly sank

It was the darkest darkest night
In the worstest part of town
And the dirtiest dirtiest rain
Was falling falling down

And the blackest blackest man
With the smallest smallest child
Riding on his shoulders
With the biggest biggest smile

And her biggest biggest hair
Was a darkest softest ring
A perfect little halo
On a perfect little thing


In the hands of every bashful mother
Is a quiet delay some calm to recover
Accepting all kindness and blindness to all
Them who fire away demanding a reason
And i’d never beckon or for one second dare
Ever call you away o but they sing, embracing, for you

Our bodies exhausted fall sideways to lay
And your arms made a place where my face liked to bury
Then lifting (but not lifting) but drifting away
To where the angels would play like you’d almost forgotten
And then on with the next breath so impossibly new
Like the curve of your waist all warm and ceramic and smooth

I dont want to go home
I want to come home

The stars would know 
To send you the shivers
And night would glow
In the room in which you swim
Filled with breath
Of people making bird sounds
And topless girls
With pretty messy hair

And swirling around
Is that swollen sound
Of horns all astrayed
From some eternal parade

Hey I got fits
And a fire in my belly
And shiny lips
Can, fumbling, find a seal
The water, dear
Can touch you all over
But nothing here
Can touch the way you feel

This difficult and lovely story
Of your birth in the air
And recovering from that

You’ll hold me here
Until I can’t afford your kindness
You’ll hold me, dearUntil I can’t afford to leave
And lightning real is leaning out and calling
But there’s all of that doubt
Plus all of that skin

But all is grace
And all is beauty
And when all this is gone
Beauty will remain

In the light that you borrowed
For a look down the dark road
You were young and you shown it
Just a taste and you blown it
And the current is fixed
And will carry you
To the point where you left it
And right on through

I had a chain and a bicycle
And I rode all the way into town
With only an ancient photograph
I kept just to carry around
And everybody there was naked
And why would you listen to me

With the hand you were led in
In the dress that you bled in
Touched my face and called me handsome
And then asked me to drink some
Of that unholy concoction
That will burn you through
And you know that it’s poison
But it’s honey too

I was a basket of bones
When I dragged all the way in to town
With only my boxful of coins
To scatter all over the ground
And everybody there was laughing
And why would you listen to me

I had a handful of stones
I hauled all the way into town
to carry when I was alone
Culled from the last of the hand-me-downs
But everybody there was lovely
But why would you listen to me

Nose on the glass hours pass in the back
Of the only store still open in the city
White flecks of light from the fish flashing by
And you answer with your mouth hung open, ‘Pretty’

There’s no reason to be scared
I know that you’re always a little scared
And here you count again tonight
Counting all the guts you’ve left inside

It couldn’t change a thing
But I like remembering
That holy scene in lonely New Orleans
You so pretty next to me